A Chair that Follows your Spine

As numerous orthopaedic research and chiropractic professionals suggest, the largest contributor of the pain or inflammation in the shoulder, neck and lumbar is an overloaded spine. When there is too much pressure on the spine, temporary or permanent dislocation and illness become common. As human heights differ naturally, the spinal cords need protection of and at different lengths as well. However, traditional chairs with standard non-adjustable backrests do not suit everyone. With this highly efficient and effective seating system, Sunon continues its legacy to broaden the horizon of work and contribute to the human health and quality of life.

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Designed by Claudio Bellini Design Studio (Italy)

" The process of design includes seeking, discovering, and creating beauty, which is an innate mission for designers. "

A chair made for everybody
Sear controlled by wire;
resets automatically

Move back/forth by 50mm and
adjust the height by 80mm

3D Adjustable Armrest

Move up/down, back/forth, right
/left as per your needs

talian Donati mechanism
with 4 positions locking

Achieve tilting and height-adjustment
conveniently with one switch

Where Style meets Performance

Meet the Colors of H'UP

H'UP (with headrest)

Width: 675 mm
Depth: 595 mm
Height: 1095 mm

H'UP (without headrest)

Width: 675 mm
Depth: 580 mm
Height: 940 mm


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